How to Use Projectors in Best Way

Projectors are quite popular these days both in home and office. But do you know what makes them is how to use them in the best and creative way? So without further ado let’s grab some knowledge about how to use projectors in the best way.


  • Painting a mural 

Painting a mural by using a projector is not a hell of a task as it requires zero talent and even a fresher can do! You just need to follow these simple 3 steps:

  • Simply create a black and white version of a high-contrast image and project it wide on a wall.
  •  Trace over the lines of the projected image using a pencil. 
  • And lastly, fill in the mural together using paint.


  • Sharing event-related social media

Projectors can definitely be utilized as a tool to aggregate online comments and photos about the event.

You can present them with a projector to share them with event-goers. 

With a great platform, all you can do is include posts with the check-ins at the event’s venue, posts that appear on the event’s social media profiles, and posts that use the event’s hashtag.

 Additionally, you have multiple options to share such as the weather, the news, etc. However, do not forget to verify the contents before they are publicized.


  • Creating furtiveness illusion with optical camouflage

Optical camouflage is a hypothetical type of active camouflage currently only in a very primitive stage of development. 

It is also called as “invisibility cloak” effect, which denotes the illusion of invisibility by projecting an image of the background onto a highly-reflective material. 

  • Hosting a gaming lounge

If you are a big fan of games then what can be better than hosting a gaming lounge at a gaming store. 

You can redefine and heighten gamification events and drag attention by inviting your audience to relax in a free gaming lounge. Make your place cooler and provide space with privacy and block out distractions for guests. 


  • Creating a seasonal scene with projected reality

Now make your parties and hangouts real fun? All you need to do is grab a projector and DVD player: project a themed scene at your parties. This effect is quite popular and known as projected reality, digital decorating, or virtual 3D projection because it can give the illusion of 3D projection without the need for viewers to wear 3D glasses.

Projected reality works astoundingly as they create translucent or shadowy figures and make your fun gathering more dramatic.


What do you need to do? Just simply project the scenes onto walls and surfaces, or mount a rear-projection screen in a window for outdoor viewing. Sync music and sound effects with your animations will make you popular in troops.


Well, we’ve learned quite tempting uses of projectors, so now you are ready to go!

Entertaiment Technology

Frequently Used Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile Phones have become the most essential part of our life, and often define one’s style quotient. With smartphones, we want to be stylish as well as give it some edge using accessories to enable efficient use of our mobile phones. Mobile Phone Accessories are a new need, possibly enhancing the ability to make the best use of mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Accessories are profoundly useful and can make your work much easier. Well, these accessories can be used to enhance your experience as well as make your phone look better. However, some smartphone accessories make your traveling experience much better and even in day to day life. Well without further ado let’s count on a list of frequently used Mobile Phone Accessories that we have come up with, and which will enable you to make the best use of your smartphones.

Mobile Phone Cable

A Mobile Phone Cable is by default the most used accessory to your mobile phone as it enables you to charge your phones and use it for multiple other purposes. Well, of course, there are different types of cables that are utilized for various purposes such as transferring data and information from one device to another device. Some of these cables include USB Cable, OTG Cable, Lightning Cable.

  1. Mobile Phone USB Cable
  2. USB-A- Mobile Phone OTG Cable, Mobile Phone Lightning Cable

Mobile Phone Case

Mobile Phone Cases are important not for only iPhone users but for everyone who loves their phone and do not want to damage. Well, the mobile cases are specially designed to attach to, support, or otherwise hold a smartphone. Phone Case or Cover helps you protect your mobiles from damages and breakage and protecting your money spent on your mobile phone. And why not? after all, your phone needs extra protection from getting a crack on any part of the device. A mobile phone is one device that almost everyone owns and that makes mobile phone cases a frequently used mobile phone accessory. Well, usually we handle our phones with great care, yet keeping them from falling or getting scratches seems to be impossible. Here are different types of phone cases available in various designs in funky and spooky looks.

  1. Holsters
  2. Standing Case
  3. Bumpers
  4. Skins
  5. Shells
  6. Flip Covers

Mobile Phone Charger

A Mobile Phone Charger is a necessity and has diverse evolution including cradles, plug-in cords, and obscure connectors. However, more recent devices generally use micro-USB. In today’s era and the generation has become completely handicapped without mobile phones and not being able to charge it can create is a whole new panic and chaos. And this is a whole new reason that Mobile Phone Chargers have been developed. There are versatile chargers that are clearly breaking or snapping a greatly distressing circumstance. Here are a few types of Mobile Phone chargers available in the market, these are :

  1. Mobile Phone Wall Charger
  2. Mobile Phone USB Charger
  3. Mobile Phone Multiport USB Charger
  4. Mobile Phone Wireless Charger
  5. Mobile Phone Car Charger
  6. Mobile Phone PowerBank


Mobile Phone Holder

A Mobile Phone Holder is a Mobile Phone Accessory that is utilized for holding mobile phones. These accessories are mended to keep your Smartphones Safe and Secure. However, there are various purposes for using Phone Holder. These are available for both automobiles including cars and bikes and home use.

Mobile Phone Holder for Car

Mobile Phone Holder for Bike

Mobile Phone Holder for Home and Office 

Mobile Phone Magnetic Holder

Mobile Phone Screen Protector

Mobile Phone Clear Screen Protector

Mobile Phone Matte Screen Protector

Mobile Phone Privacy Screen Protector

Mobile Phone Camera Lens


In this article, we have pounded mobile phone accessories that are frequently used by people. We have compiled a list of mobile phone accessories that every smartphone user frequently uses to make the best use of their phones. You get exclusive Mobile Accessories from our wide range of smartphone accessories here. You will find most of the listed items in the article in this category. These accessories make your mobile phones look good and are also useful for multiple purposes.


Future of Technology Depends on Smart Devices

IoT or internet of thing, we quite often listen to this word these days. And with a change in time, almost everything is under the control of technology. The future scope or the future of IoT is very bright as per the approach in this era.

 There will a lot of devices that will be coming shortly and hence the future of technology depends on smart devices.

Let’s take an example of a smartwatch- the smart clock scanned your schedule and adjusted because you’ve got that big presentation first thing in the morning.

You are late for your office and your shower automatically turns on and warms to your preferred 103°F. 

The electric car is ready to go, charged by the solar panels or wind turbines on your roof. 

There will also be a time when there’s an unexpected package waiting, delivered by drone, how exciting isn’t it. 

This is not enough there are many other smart devices that will make you go gaga such you open it to find cold medicine and you find that health sensors embedded in your bathroom detected signs of an imminent illness and placed an order automatically, now this change is what we are still seeking for.

Developments in robotics will provide you the machines that offer a helping hand with cleaning, cooking, managing, and more. 

Security has become a major priority new sensors will keep tabs on our well-being. The data that smart homes collect, analyze, and act upon, helping to turn the houses of the future from an insignificant collection of gadgets and accessories into truly “smart” homes so that you don’t need to surround yourself with so many gadgets.

Of course, as your homes learn more about you, keeping them secure will become all the more important, after all, you cannot take the risk. 

A wide range of technological advancements will drive smart-home technology well beyond what’s available on store shelves today.

Robots are also an essential part of the technology that will have a role to play in the smart home of the future. Smart vacuum cleaners like iRobot’s Roomba are already picking up after us and they might help keep us company like a pet. As for the future? Robotic-furniture company will also change, based on your needs such as getting the bed out of the way when you need a desk, or hiding your closet when it’s dinnertime and much more

Well with the change we have seen that somehow we are dependant on technologies and smart devices are just boosting the ability to utilize the technology at its best. 

Many companies are working on a smart robotic arm that can act as its owner’s personal sous chef, doing everything from slicing and dicing your fruits and vegetable to helping with cleanup; it could be particularly useful for busy parents or disabled users and make their life easy.

 If such a device went into production, cameras and sensors could help prevent it from unintentionally damaging an innocent bystander who’s just on the way to the fridge for a quick snack before dinnertime.

Generally, it is quoted that homes are increasingly being built “smart” from the ground up, however, this has become a reality now. Ultimately, the future of technology will come to see smart-home technology as essential as electricity, refrigeration, or air-conditioning. Smart-home tech and the data it collects is a boon for technology.

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Personal Care Products From Best Brands

Personal care products are essentials of your life and of course in day to day routine you cannot skip them as hygiene is always the priority. But what matters most is the quality of the product you are using.

Of course, you cannot take the risk of using anything when it comes to your own body and skin. So here I present personal care products from the best brands so that you can make an informed decision.


Oral-B, Procter & Gamble

Oral-B is the brand of toothbrush and toothpaste as well as mouthwash owned by American Procter & Gamble company. The oral hygiene brand offers the best quality dental care products in India.


Nyle Shampoo, Cavinkare

Nyle Shampoo brand is owned by Cavinkare, made from Natural ingredients and filled with natural extracts like Coconut, Amla, Badam, aloe vera, and lemon


Fiama Shower Gel, ITC Limited

Fiama Di Wills bathing gel and bars by ITC is a personal care products which also include Shampoos, Face washes, and Conditioner with rousing long-lasting fragrance.

Clean & Clear Face Wash, Johnson & Johnson

The brand of Clean & Clear face wash is owned by Johnson & Johnson that offers an extensive range of face care products in India such as Moisturizers, scrubs, and Creams.

Biotique Soap, Biotique

Biotique beauty bar and bathing soaps are the best skin and hair care Ayurvedic soap brand blended with pure orange oil, turmeric, and getting very popular in India, also became the fastest growing Indian brand for Shampoos, hair oil, body wash, and conditioner.

L’Oreal Conditioner, L’Oreal

L’Oreal is a popular French personal care brand and the largest cosmetics company in the world, Into the business of hair color, skincare like moisturizes and offers hair conditioners that best fit your needs for every hair type.

Well, this is a fun fact that Garnier is also own by L’Oreal and its products are the highest luxury brands in India, offers hair care and skin care products.

Lakme Lipstick, Hindustan Unilever

Lakme is the most popular Indian cosmetics brand owned by Hindustan Unilever and also among India’s most trusted brands, Having Kareena Kapoor as the brand ambassador.

Glow & Lovely Face Cream, Hindustan Unilever

Fair & Lovely formally changed as glow and lovely is another most popular cosmetic product of Hindustan Unilever and the brand occupied the largest share in the glowing cream market in India and one of the most selling brands of face cream in India.

Parachute Coconut Oil, Marico

Parachute Coconut Oil brand by Marico offers nourishment & essential care for your hair, stands for purity and quality, one of our oldest and trusted brands of Coconut hair oil in India.

Lotus Moisturiser, Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is a leading brand of cosmetics in India and also deals in skincare, haircare brands, and sun care moisturizer. Lotus Moisturiser is suitable for dry skin and a rich antioxidant.

Pond’s Talcum Powder, Unilever

Pond’s brand of beauty care product is now owned by the Unilever company and loaded with natural ingredients that provide long-lasting fairness, fragrance, and keeps your skin cool.

Fogg Deodorants, Vini Cosmetics

Fogg Deodorants has emerged as one of the strong leaders of the Indian deodorants & antiperspirants market and today one of the most and best-selling brands of deodorants in India, offers fragrant body spray for Women and deodorant for men. Well, you cannot sum up so many products all in one yet, there are much famous and popular brands of Personal Care in India that are specifically required for personal hygiene such as Stayfree Napkins, MamyPoko Diapers, Wild Stone Perfumes, Veet hair removal, Vaseline Lip Balm, Listerine Mouthwash, Dettol hand wash and much more.