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    TRIAX TMS 5 x 32 C EB CASCADE Multiswitch


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    Cascade multiswitch for 1 Satellite position with 5 inputs and 5 trunk outputs, suitable for distributing satellite and terrestrial signals in small to large sized systems. Available with 32 subscriber outputs and powered by the TMS PSU external power supply either directly or via the SAT trunk lines.

    Dependability guaranteed: a 6-year warranty is our guarantee that TRIAX’s core values of reliability and innovation are the foundation of our new multiswitches.

    The TMS 5×32 C EB offers excellent performance and flexibility, with a compact design for installations even in confined spaces.

    Main features:

    • Low insertion loss
    • High isolation
    • Low power consumption
    • RED compliant
    • ESD Protection
    • Flexibility
    • Easier to select the right product
    • Fewer products to stock
    • Active/Passive Terrestrial Switch
    • Convenience
    • Equidistant F-connectors on all multiswitches
    • Colour-coded input labels
    • LED power indicator
    • Flexible power injection
    • Earth bars
      TMP 5×32 Stand alone – 4SAT+1TER+PSU / 32out – LTE protected

      Mains powered, stand alone multiswitch

      Main features
      • LTE Protected
      • Compact design
      • 4 satellite polarities and 1 terrestrial input, combined output
      • Signal level controls on all inputs
      • Colour coded connections
      • Switch mode power supply for optimum performance
      • Supplied with input and output earth bond bars

      Input polarity gain control TER: 15.0 dB
      Input polarity gain control SAT: 4 x 10.0 dB
      Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3: 100 dBµV
      Max. output level TER @ 60dB IMD3: 88 dBµV
      Output level control – medium cable: 6 dB
      Output level control – short cable: 12 dB
      LNB current max.: 1000 mA
      Switch commands: 13V/18V – 13V/22 kHz – 18V/22 kHz

      Frequency range TER: 47-790 MHz
      Frequency range SAT: 950-2150 MHz

      Insertion loss – SAT: 3 dB
      Equalization TER: 10.0

      Isolation SAT to TER: 30 dB
      Isolation TER to SAT: 30 dB
      Isolation cross polarisation H/V: 30 dB
      Isolation out-out SAT: 30 dB
      Isolation out-out TER: 30 dB

      Return loss SAT inputs: 10 dB
      Return loss SAT outputs: 8 dB
      Return loss TER inputs: 10 dB
      Return loss TER outputs: 8 dB

      Impedance: 75 Ω

      LINE power DC voltage (max.): 12.0 Switchable VDC
      LINE power current (max.): 50.0 mA
      AC Supply voltage: 180…264 VAC
      DC Current consumption (typ.): 1500 (47-63 HZ) mA
      Temperature range: 0…+55 °C

      Number of inputs: 5
      Subscriber outputs: 32
      Number of trunk inputs: 4 SAT, 1 TER
      Power connector: UK Plug

      Height (mm): 56 mm
      Depth (mm): 170 mm
      Width (mm): 382mm


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