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    Multiswitch 4×4

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    1. Excellent quality component, professional circuit design and low loss
    2. Zinc die-cast housing, nickel-plated
    3. 13/18V, 0/22KHz supplied by satellite receiver through coaxial cable to switch corresponding port
    4. Capable of connecting four SATV signals simultaneously
    5. Four SATV signals switched through 13/18V,0/22KHz
    6. Distributed into four subscribers to use simultaneously and no mutual interference
    7. Applicable to multi-satellite and multi-receiver usage
    8. Built-in switching circuit for power from receiver, can work without external power adaptor Switching
    9. Voltage/Signal: 13/18V,0/22KHz
    10. Connectors: “F” type female


    Item Specification Item Specification
    Frequency Range 950-2150 (MHz) Output Level 95(dBuV )
    Insertion loss 5(dB) Normal Working Voltage 12-20(V)
    Isolator Between Outputs 25(dB) DC Power Consumption 40(mA)
    Switching Isolator Input 28(dB) DC Max Power Passing 500(mA)
    Return Loss Inputs 12(dB) Impedance(all ports) 75(Ω)
    Return Loss Outputs 8(dB)    


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