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    System Sensor Ceiling Mount Smoke Detector BEAM1224

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    • Brand – System Sensor
    • Form Factor – Ceiling Mount
    • Dimensions – 83.8×190.5×254 mm
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    Brand System Sensor
    Form Factor Ceiling Mount
    Operating Temperature Range -22 to 131 deg F
    Dimensions 83.8×190.5×254 mm
    Additional Details Status Indicators: Alarm & LED
    Item Code BEAM1224

    Additional Details –

    The System Sensor BEAM1224 Series 4-wire projected beam smoke detector is uniquely suited to sense smoke in
    open areas with high ceilings where spot-type detectors are difficult to install and maintain. It is suitable for use with
    any UL® Listed fire alarm control panel providing a 15-32
    VDC power source.Listed for operation from –22o F to 131o F, the BEAM1224
    can be installed in garages, warehouses and other harsh
    environments where the temperature extremes exceed
    the capability of spot-type detectors. The BEAM1224 consists of a combination transmitter/
    receiver unit and a reflector. When the smoke enters the
    path between the unit and the reflector, it causes a reduction  in the signal, and when the smoke level reaches the
    predetermined threshold, an alarm results. The unit has four standard sensitivity selections along with
    two Acclimate settings. When either of the two Acclimate
    settings are selected, the detector will automatically adjust
    its sensitivity using the advanced software algorithms to
    select the optimum sensitivity for the specific environment


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