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    Morley ZXr-A 120mA 18-32 VDC Active Repeater 709-601-001

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    • Brand – Morley
    • Voltage – 18-32 V DC
    • Model – ZXr-A
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    Brand Morley
    Operating Temperature -4 to 45 deg C
    Humidity 10-93% Non-Condensing
    Voltage 18-32 V DC
    Model ZXr-A
    Additional Details Terminal Cross Section: 2.5 Sqmm
    Current Quiescent: 90 mA
    Weight 1.7 kg
    Item Code 709-601-001

    More Specification –

    The Morley-IAS repeaters are compact remote control units for Morley-IAS intelligent multiprotocol fire alarm control panels. These units, along with other I/O peripheral devices and the external printer further enhance the flexibility and functionality of our fire alarm control panel range.
    The repeaters provide an extension to the operation of the fire alarm control panel. There
    are two types available – passive with indications only and no controls, or active with both controls and indicators. Both display the operational state of the control panel using the 80-character LCD display and the 7 LED status indicators. In addition to the general status indicators the active repeater is fitted with key operated “AccessEnable” switch for the control functions. Individual buttons are provided for System Reset, Mute, Accept, Sound Alarms, Silence/Re-soundAlarms and Self test. Thus enabling control functions to be duplicated in strategic locations
    around the installation.


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