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    Morley Single Channel Input Module MI-DMMIE

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    • Common Mechanical Platform for Modules Enclosure
    • Low Standby Current, FACP Reads Module Power Voltage & High Power Loop 48V Ready
    • Built-in Short Circuit Isolators, Addressability Through Rotary Switches, Tri-Colour Light Pipe, Improved Light Pipe Visibility on Two Sides, Plug-in Field Wiring Terminals, Integrated Din Rail Brackets & Lasered Engraved Label Data
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    Brand Morley
    Protection Class IP30
    Operating Temperature -20 to 60 deg C
    Standby Current 140 mA at 24 V DC
    Relative Humidity 5 to 95%
    Operating Voltage 15 to 32 V DC
    Model MI-DMMIE
    Additional Details Maximum Wire Gauge for Terminals: 2.5 mm�
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    More Specification –

    Provides single channel monitoring of normally open contact fire alarm and supervisory devices. The MI-DMMIE has a single tri-color green/red/yellow LED, which can be set by panel command to pulse green each time the module is polled. In case of an alarm the panel can switch the red indicator on continuously. The Yellow LED is controlled by the module and blinks to indicate an open circuit on the input circuit. This fault indication is overridden by a panel command to turn the red LED on.


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