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    TRIAX TMS 9 x 20 C EB CASCADE Multiswitch


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    The TechniSat GigaSwitch 9/20 is a brand-new product in the Technisat IF Distribution range. This ultra-compact stand-alone multiswitch distributes 2 orbital satellite positions to up to 20 subscribers and additionally allows the feed of either DVB-T (T2), DAB+, FM or cable TV. All subscriber outputs are pre-compensated, so that distances of up to 70 m from LNB to the antenna socket can be bridged without any additional accessories.

    Key Features:

    • For distribution of two satellite positions
    • HD & ULTRA HD ready
    • DVB-T2 ready
    • Up to 20 subscribers can be connected from a single GigaSwitch
    • Cascadable
    • For connecting a Quattro or Quad LNB
    • Energy saving – no mains adapter required for operation
    • No attenuation in satellite range

    The GIGASWITCH 9/20 is designed for the transmission of DOCSIS signals and thus is ideally suited for the simultaneous use of the Internet and telephone offerings of the cable network operators in the satellite home distribution system. With the right distribution components 9/8 you can extend the distribution of the signals to 40 or more subscribers.

    DOCSIS – Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification is an international teleco20579mmunications standard that permits the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer to an existing cable TV (CATV) system. It is employed by many cable television operators to provide Internet access over their existing hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) infrastructure.


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