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    Sonos Outdoor – 6.5inch All Weather Wall Mount Speaker (Pair)

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    With a shared commitment to superior sound and great design, Sonos and Sonance have partnered on a collection of passive architectural speakers optimised for Sonos Amp.

    Passive speakers require an amplifier.


    • Weatherproof Design
    • Resists Humidity, Water, Heat, and Cold
    • Also Resists Salt Spray and UV Rays
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    Al Fresco Sound. The architectural speakers by Sonance for outdoor listening. Get detailed sound in your garden or on your patio with Sonos Outdoor by Sonance. Power these wired speakers with Amp to enjoy the full Sonos experience. These speakers are engineered to withstand humidity, water, salt spray, heat, UV rays, and freezing temperatures.


    • 6-1/2″ injection molded polypropylene woofer
    • Along with 1″ polyurethane tweeter for a complete range of sounds.
    • 2-way speaker system
    • Sounds like 1 source rather than several separate sources.
    • Wall-mountable design
    • For flexible placement options.
    • Outdoor design
    • Offers durability, so you can enjoy your music while you’re outside.
    • 55Hz – 20kHz frequency response
    • Ensures a wide range of accurately reproduced sound.
    • 89dB sensitivity
    • Ensures crisp, robust audio.
    • 8 ohms nominal impedance
    • Ensures efficient conduction of power through the speaker


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