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    Marantz PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier

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    Product Description

    • Generous output ranges from 100W + 100W (into 8ohm), 200W + 200W (4ohm).
    • Fully-discrete, two-stage design for signal clarity.
    • Full high-resolution preamplifier stage with proprietary HDAM technology.
    • Linear volume control.
    • Comes with SA3 circuitry for clean signal and optimal dynamics
    Product features

    The PM-12SE Integrated Amplifier is a true audiophile’s dream come true. With its sleek design and superior performance, this amplifier stands out as a masterpiece in the world of high-end audio equipment. Its advanced Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) and custom-designed power supply provide exceptional precision and power, ensuring that every note is reproduced with utmost accuracy.

    Its timeless design and exceptional audio quality appeal not only to audiophiles but also to those looking to elevate their home entertainment experience. With the Marantz 12SE integrated amplifier, you not only get outstanding audio performance but also an SEO-friendly product that ensures you can easily share your passion for high-quality sound with a broader audience.

    Sales Package Amplifier, User documentation
    Brand Marantz
    Model PM-12SE
    Color black
    Power Consumption in W 130W
    Frequency Response 5Hz-50kHz
    Speaker Terminals
    Marantz SPKT-100+
    Number of terminals 2
    Phono Input
    Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ
    HDAM version SA3, SA2
    Dimension 440x123x453 mm
    Weight 18.2 kg
    Warranty Type Manufacturers
    Warranty Period 1 Year


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