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    Marantz AMP 10 16-Channel 200 Watt per channel Amplifier


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    Ooberpad brings to you the feature-packed Marantz AMP 10 16-Channel 200 Watt per channel Amplifier. The Marantz AMP 10 is a reference-level 16 channel 200W amplifier featuring Marantz HDAM, Current Feedback Amplification, and balanced line level input. The amp’s solid toroidal transformer, Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module, and current feedback amplification offer impressive accuracy and control under high-drive conditions. AMP 10 is engineered using cutting-edge technologies to enable extraordinary power output; high channel count; and the dynamic, rich, warm sound for which Marantz is highly renowned. A contemporary expression of timeless design principles, AMP 10 features the iconic Marantz porthole level meter, premium materials, and subtle sidelights that illuminate the front panel. Make the most of its power by pairing it with the Marantz AV 10 home theater preamp.


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