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    Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Era 300

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    Designed to Enhance SONOS ERA300 Speaker Aesthetics


    Introducing a wall mount crafted to enhance the visual appeal of the SONOS ERA300 Speaker – the Flexson Wall Mount. Meticulously designed to seamlessly match the speaker’s aesthetics, this mount provides a cohesive and unified look to elevate the overall appearance of your SONOS ERA300 speaker setup

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    With a bespoke, precision-engineered design, the Flexson Wall Mount holds your Sonos Era 300 speaker securely, while being built for easy fitting that makes it simple for just about anyone to work with. And once it’s affixed to the wall, you can enjoy the unique mechanism that allows your speaker to be tilted downwards 20o, as well as the ability to swivel up to 60o (30o left and 30o right). You can even invert your speaker to be held upside down within the Wall Mount, so its controls and microphone are easily accessible at any angle.

    • Quick and easy assembly
    • Designed to colour match your Sonos speaker
    • Crafted specifically to support the Sonos Era 300 speaker
    • Can be inverted to hold the speaker upside down
    • Unique tilting mechanism and 60o swivel
    • Precision engineered for quality
    • Fixing hardware included for brick/masonry and brick/studwork
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK


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