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    Denon – DP 450 – Hi-Fi Turntable with USB


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    • ✔Intergrated USB A Output Allows For One Touch Recording Of Your Favorite Vinyl Records Onto A USB Drive As MP3Or WAV Format Files. Play Your Album On The DP- 450USB Or Record And Take Them With You To Enjoy Trusted Denon Sound Wherever You Go.Takes Minutes To Unbok And Quickly Operate For Novice And Seasoned Vinyl Fans. Plug The DP-450USB Into Your Favorite Amplifier Or system And Immediately Begin Reconnecting With Your Vinyl Collection It’s That Easy.
    • ✔ Pair Denon DP-450 with the rest of the Denon Design Series for a durable, high-resolution system.Weighted, Belt-driven Platter with Auto Sensor.Integrated auto sensor accurately controls the platter, preventing unwanted speed fluctuations during playback — enjoy audio reproduction exactly as the artist intended.
    • ✔Supports playback at 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. Easily play your entire vinyl collection and enjoy its full breadth — even your cherished, vintage 78’s.
    • ✔Built for High Performance and ease of set up the Denon DP-450 features a sophisticated form factor and Solid Construction while durable Aluminium material offers a modern aesthetic.
    • ✔ncludes an MM cartridge for more precise listening and added musical detail. As a producer of the longest-selling cartridge in market, enjoy the Denon DP-450 turntable with confidence. easily swap out the existing MM cartridge to fit your audio preferences. Enjoy iconic Denon sound quality however you choose to listen.

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