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    Ahuja PA Speaker System 100W RMS SRX-120DXM


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    Ahuja PA Speaker System is a portable system which has the potential to handle 100W power constantly without any disturbance. speaker is perfect for small public applications. It is a two-way configuration, and the frequency response ranges from 55-20000 Hz. Public Announcement speakers consist of a compact rectangular box. Within the box, the PA Speaker system has a low-frequency speaker of 1 x 12″, Ø1.5″ Voice Coil and a high-frequency unit of 1 x Piezo Horn Tweeter 2″ x 5″.  The dimensions of the PA speaker system are 405 (W) x 515 (H) x 330 (D) mm and have a ¼ ‘’ Phone Jack +Terminal Strip input connector.


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