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    Ahuja 40-16,000Hz Dynamic Microphone PRO+3400

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    The Dynamic Microphone is an excellent device from the well-known brand Ahuja. Ahuja is a trustworthy manufacturer company which provides good quality industrial products and services. The microphone is black in colour and is made up of high-grade zinc die-cast in an attractive finish. It has a polar pattern of super-cardioid and has a frequency of 40 to 16,000 Hz.  The Dynamic Microphone is mainly used to record sounds like- live performances, studio recording and close-miking. It has a high-quality magnetic on/ off switch for noise-free switching and its sensitivity is 3.15mV/Pa. The cable length of the Dynamic Microphone is 10 meters. It is best for all vocal and PA applications. Due to high-frequency response, the microphone is able to cover all speech and music applications.


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