Multi DTH, Multi dwelling Unit, Common Antenna System, Integrated Dth Distribution, MATV, CATV, FTTH Solution

Are you using old catv distribution system . When world is going today to be fully digital.

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Are You Bounded your Valuable customer in a Single DTH


Why needed Yash Retail Multi Player MDU solution in bulding


Why you Need Integrated

DTH Distribution

  • Delivers multiple satellite TV services via single cable to the room
  • Designed network guarantees high quality signal at all TV point
  • Larger dish ensures minimal
  • Signal loss during monsoon
  • Supports all satellite pay and free to air television service in India
  • SD, HD, Ultra HD & 3D transmitting from DTH service
  • Plug and play service.
  • Superior TV reception for all channels.

Smart Home is a new generation of a home automation system. Designed to meet the requirements of the modern household, the system includes all necessary features to customize and control each element in our home.

The In-wall panel controls the door locks in the house. It could be set to open and close all automated windows and doors.

The house could be equipped by variety of sensors for smoke, fire and motion detection. Their status could be checked through the In-wall Panel or the Keypad module

The house is equipped with a CCTV cameras accessed simultaneously by a nine cameras arranged in 3 by 3 preview grid , 2 by 2 preview grid and a full resolution live view. They are rendered on In-Wall tablet or on a TV.

Whenever a house guest appears at the front door, the home owner is notified and can easily access the Intercom system and gives permission for opening the door.

Lights control is a mandatory feature for all modern households. Lights can be switched on or off gradually or instantly.

Our Power measure and control systems can commutate between power lines on programmed events like dropping of a power below specified limit, or disturbance in a phase harmonics. We provide also statistics of whole house or specified power circuits. This allows scheduling and optimization of power consumption and decreasing of electric bills as a result.

Almost all of the indoor or outdoor pool systems can be integrated like temperature and water pump control.

Multimedia systems like Satellite television, NAS servers and other media inputs gets a major place in our system for personal comfort, easy to access with a push of a button at any place in your home. So you can watch TV on your phone while you are at the pool, listen music in your gym or bath and many other activities.

Wireless access is automated in range of the house and yard, so user is not bothered of constantly connecting different access points. Directional Wi-Fi antenna can provide Internet access to home from a long range distance.

Integrated DTH Distribution


  • Minimal Dish Solution
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Cost Savings.
  • Security for residents.
  • Easy integration for EOC internet, Digital Cable TV & CCTV.
  • Fiber Connectivity for Villa complexes or adjacent blocks
  • Expandable for unlimited number of satellite receivers

Fiber To The Home - FTTH

Only one Optical Fiber Cable will reach to the home instead of multiple copper cables for services such as: Telephone,Broadband Internet Wired and Wireless,IPTV& Cable TV, Telemedicine Other TCPIP based applications like remote surveillance, remote home control etc.


Internet Protocol TV - IPTV

IPTV unites the best of two worlds where IP technology and TV are joined in a unique viewing experience. However each specialization has it’s own specifications. When digital TV didn’t exist yet, IP and TV were never combined in the same sentence. Because of the limited possibilities of analog TV, the development of digital TV began.


just a little of some

Home Solutions

Yashretail offers widest range of Security & Surveillance solutions with the products from ranging from Wi Fi Cameras, Intrusion Alarms, Digital Locks, Video door phone & Home Automation etc, ensuring you the ease of life. Yashretail promises you a Intelligent n Safer way of Life.

MDU for Residential Apartments

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Multi Play MDU For Hospital projects

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Multi Play MDU For Hotel projects

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Any Home Can Be a Smart Home

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LTE Multiswitch

  • Lte Protected.
  • 4 Satellite polarities and 1 terrestrial input, combined output.
  • Signal level controls on all inputs.
  • Supplied with input and output earth bond bars.
  • Available in 8, 12, 16 & 32 outputs.
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