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    Ahuja PA Speaker System 200W RMS SRX-250DXM


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    The Ahuja PA Speaker System 200W RMS SRX-200DXM is a 2-way loudspeaker system with a 250W RMS (250W peak) amplifier. It features two 12-inch woofers and a 1.5-inch dispersion horn tweeter, an authentic three-piece loudspeaker design. The dispersive horn measures 6 inches in diameter at its base but unfolds to 11 inches when folded back down. This system can handle up to 200W RMS at 8Ω and 123dB/1W (1 meter) or as much as 260W RMS (260W peak) on an extension cabinet for concerts. It features a 2-way, 5” high-frequency driver and a 1” centrally located piezo horn tweeter. The two woofers are driven by a 100-watt amplifire, resulting in 150 watts at mid and high frequencies.

    The woofers are mounted on precision cast frames for maximum rigidity, control and low distortion performance. The horn is made from accurate measurements of speaker cone positions taken from the original motorcycle design using CAD tools to ensure the correct measures are used to produce the right result – accurate sound reproduction through small compact portable PA systems so you can move around without disturbing your neighbours with boomy bass tones or 360º mixes that have music coming from everywhere


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