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    Ahuja ATH-22 PA Horn


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    The AHUJA ATH-12 PA Horn is ideal for most large outdoor installations. It is acoustically well designed and matches Ahuja driver units for an efficient, powerful, clear sound. It is robustly constructed and fitted with a protective PVC ring on the mouthpiece end. The mouthpiece is made of diecast aluminium alloy and has a heavy-duty, rubber-covered handle for easy carrying.


    The ATH-22 PA Horn is a single-speaker horn, boasting a 22-inch Diameter and 2.27 Kg weight. It has been expertly tuned for use with the ATH-22 MOH microphone and allows you to produce loud, clear and crisp sound. This lightweight product makes it easy to carry around at all times, allowing you to get the best performance out of your ATH-22.


    AHUJA is now India’s top manufacturer and exporter of Public Address Equipment. Since its inception in 1940, we have established AHUJA as the most trusted brand in the sound reinforcement market by providing dependable products via constant research and development. Since its start, the firm has aimed and worked hard to offer diverse solutions to meet any conceivable PA application demand.


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