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    Ahuja 700W Loud Speaker, SPX-800

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    Introducing the Ahuja SPX-800, a powerhouse in audio performance that takes your sound experience to the next level. With a robust 700W output, this loudspeaker is designed for those who demand uncompromising audio quality and clarity. Ideal for concerts, live events, or any setting where impactful sound is essential, the SPX-800 delivers a rich and immersive audio experience. Engineered with precision, the speaker features advanced components that ensure a crisp and distortion-free sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. The durable construction of the SPX-800 makes it a reliable choice for professional use, while its portable design allows for easy…

    • This is 700 Watts Professional 2-Way PA Speaker System with excellent LF response, exceptional efficiency, long throw and unmatched intelligibility of sound.
    • Two 38.1cm (15 inch) high performance LF loudspeakers and a high frequency Titanium compression horn driver housed in an acoustically treated bass reflex trapezoidal carpet covered enclosure.
    • Strong steel grill for speaker protection.

      Product Specifications

      700 W
      Speaker Type
      Loud Speaker
      40-20000 Hz


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