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    Ahuja 40 Watt Mobile PA Mixer Amplifier PA-400S


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    Ahuja 40 Watt Mobile PA Mixer Amplifier PA-400S is ideal for use with Mic MM-60M and Horn speakers SUH-25/SUH-40. It has 2 Mic & 1 Aux Input. 12V Car Battery Operation, two-tone siren (wailing & yelping) with volume control. It comes with a mounting bracket supplied and a power adapter. The unit is fitted with two microphones, one Auxiliary input, a two-tone siren (wailing & yelping) with volume control, a 12V Car battery operation, and an Amplifier mounting bracket. The amplifier is powered by a 12V car battery and can be used on Police vehicles, Crowd Control, Ambulances, Publicity Vans Electioneering etc.


    A Tone Siren Xpressor is also incorporated (Wailing & Yelping sound with volume control), which can alert the public to an emergency or simply give information to passersby. This amplifier does not require any external power supply; it runs on 12 volt DC car battery so that it can be used for short-duration traffic announcements, elections etc. This unit is equipped with a mounting bracket for installation purposes. The siren provides two different tones (wailing & yelping) with a volume control facility. The unit can be operated from a 12V car battery or a 24V DC external power supply of 50 Watts RMS maximum.


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