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    Ahuja 20W Ceiling Speakers CSD-5201T

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    • The Ahuja 20W Ceiling Speakers CSD-5201T are a high-quality audio solution designed for ceiling installations. With a power rating of 20 watts, these speakers offer clear and crisp sound reproduction, making them suitable for various applications such as conference rooms, classrooms, offices, and retail spaces
    • One of the key features of the Ahuja CSD-5201T speakers is their easy installation process. These speakers are designed to fit into standard ceiling tile grids, allowing for a seamless integration into existing architectural setups. They come with a spring-loaded mechanism that securely holds them in place, ensuring a stable and flush fit with the ceiling surface
    • These ceiling speakers feature a metal grille that not only adds a sleek and professional look but also protects the speaker components from dust and other particles. The grille can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes
    • The Ahuja CSD-5201T speakers are designed for both background music and speech reinforcement. They offer a high sound pressure level, ensuring that the audio reaches every corner of the room. This makes them suitable for applications where clear and intelligible speech is essential, such as in classrooms or conference rooms
    • High power 2-way flush mount ceiling speaker for excellent reproduction of both speech and music. Wide frequency response and adjustable tweeter for optimum directivity
    • Operates on 100V line with power taps of 20/10/5W
    • Moulded plastic frame with metal mesh grill
    • Tweeter can be tilted at an angle to focus clear, intelligible sound in the desired direction
    • 100V line operation with easy power tap selection through a terminal block


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