Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know my Order is Placed?

Once your is Successfully placed, you will receive a notifications through Text on your phone and an Email telling you the same

How can I check the Status of my Order?

You can check the status of you order by clicking “Orders” tab in your account page while you are logged in at

Why does my Order’s Status changes every few hours I check? And how does Each Status differ?

The Status of your Order is simply an updated information about how it is being packed and being prepared to be delivered to you. What each order Status means: Confirmed: Your Order has been placed and confirmed by us Processing: We are preparing the product to be packed and delivered to you Packed: The Product has been packed and is ready to be shipped Shipped: The Order has been handed over to the Courier by us and with shipped you will be updated by us about the Tracking no. of the package Out For Delivery: Its reached the Hub near you and is on its way to your house Delivere: Order status gets updated to delivered once it has been hande ver to you


How do Shipping and Delivery differ?

Shipping simply means the time in which your order will be dispatched from our warehouse and Delivery is the time that it will take to reach you. Dispatch time depends on availability of the product at our warehouse while Delivery simply depends on your location

How can I check where package has reached at the moment?

You can check that by using the tracking number provided by us.

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Can I choose my Preferred courier company?

Its not possible to choose a courier company, but we assure you that we only deliver your product to you through the best and most reputed courier partners.

How do I know if Ships to my Pin-code? ships to almost all the Pin-codes in India, to get better details regarding the same you can call us anytime.

Is there a way to get Orders Delivered faster?

In case of DTH Systems delivery normal takes from 2-3 hours without any extra charges, for accessories Currently there is no way to deliver the orders any faster than there normal delivery time.

What if I don’t get the order on the Promised Date?

It usually happens due several problems which can be either technical or anything else, so you can contact us and we will update you regarding the same

Order Status shows package as Delivered even though I din’t receive it what can I do?

If you have ordered a item and if you are facing this issue than you can straightway contact us through any of the your desired means and we will assist you with it. If you have ordered a Electronic Item than you will not face this kind of issue at all, as you will only receive the “Delivered” message once the system has been connected to your T.V and has been activated.
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