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    Yamaha Aventage 7.2 Channel AV Receiver (RX-A880)


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    • YPAO?-R.S.C. sound optimisation with multi-point measurement
    • Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge
    • Aluminium front panel
    • MusicCast multi-room technology
    • Music streaming services built-in
    • HDMI? (7 in / 2 out) with Dolby Vision? and Hybrid Log-Gamma
    • Phono input for vinyl playback
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    Dolby Atmos? and DTS:X?


    Experience the extraordinary with breathtakingly rich surround sound. This is possible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology that has been incorporated into the RX-A880. This technology can position sound toward moving objects to deliver an overwhelming, immersive and realistic home theatre experience in your living room.

    Cinema DSP 3D


    Ciname DSP 3D is a unique Yamaha proprietary sound field creation technology that involve the combining of a measured sound field data with digital signal processing. The data field of sound has been collected by Yamaha from famous concert halls and music clubs around the world. By digitising that information and incorporating it into dedicated LSI device, the RX-A880 can effectively reproduce the sound quality of those concert halls and movie theatres on home equipment. Welcome to the new age everybody!

    Anti Resonance Technology Wedge


    The RX-A880 features an Anti Resonance Technology (A.R.T.) Wedge, that is a fifth foot in the centre of the unit. This wedge can dampen vibrations from the power transformer, power transistors and heat sinks, as well as any vibrations that might be caused by the sound from the speakers ? providing accurate sound reproduction of the finest quality.

    YPAO-R.S.C. Sound Optimisation with Multi-Point Measurement


    Equipped with YPAO-R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) technology, the RX-A880 can analyse room acoustics and measure various speaker characteristics. It then calibrates audio parameters for ideal sound at any of its eight listening positions. The AV receiver features Reflected Sound Control to help correct early reflections for sound that is studio quality. But there?s more! It also provides DSP Effect Normalisation that varies the CINEMA DSP parameters according to the reflected sounds. In a nutshell, this is like having a professional installer calibrate your system and the creation an ideal listening space with perfectly balanced sound.

    High-quality Parts


    All AV receivers from Yamaha feature discrete power amplifiers that minimise distortion and employ independent power supplies for analogue and digital circuits. They also feature ultra-high performance with 384 kHz / 32-bit DACs, again, equipped with independent power supplies that help reproduce audio in High Resolution sound sources without noise or disturbance. The AV receiver employs a new high sound quality IC for volume control and large heat sinks that suppress vibration. In a nutshell, these AV receivers are designed to deliver the best possible sound quality.

    Multi-room Audio


    Enjoy a multi-room audio connection i.e play music in different rooms using one AV receiver. All you need is MusicCast to connect all MusicCast devices to the same network and start sharing audio throughout the home. You?re welcome Earth!










    Virtual Speaker Technology

    The RX-A800 features a Virtual Presence Speaker function that makes full use of centre and surround speakers and creates audible information from where presence (height) speakers are normally installed. But that?s not all! This model also features a Virtual Surround Back Speaker function. So even if you want to experience lifelike surround sound without using surround back speakers, you can experience it courtesy of CINEMA DSP 3D playback ? it gives you the virtual equivalent of up to 9.1-channel surround, even with a 5.1-speaker configuration.

    Two HDMI Outputs


    Featuring two HDMI output terminals which helps you connect to your TV and your LCD projector simultaneously. This means you can use your TV for your regular television viewing but use the projector to watch your favorite movies on a larger screen without having to keep switching connections. Additionally, the built-in HDMI functionality is of the latest specifications, corresponding also to HDR (Dolby Vision Compatible, Hybrid Log-Gamma), 4K / 60p passthrough and even 4K upscaling. Marvellous, isn?t it?

    Phono Input


    Love the smooth sound of vinyl? Turn your AV receiver into an oldies station, just use the phono input terminals to connect to your turntable and enjoy music from your vinyl collection.

    7.2-channel Pre-outs


    The RX-A800 gives you the possibility to add add an external power amplifier (pre-main amplifier) to improve and enhance the sound of your speakers. For example, you can get the added flexibility of building a system with emphasis on quality of sound by using a power amplifier to drive the important front channel in your home theatre system.

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