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Samsung EVO 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 Memory Card

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Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 memory card is supplied by Authorized Samsung India store with 100% original guarantee. This Product will be dispatched to you within 24 hours of placing order.

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Product Description

  • EVO 16GB Capacity with Class 10
  • High Read speed 48MB/S Write Speed 10MB/S
  • Heat proof/magnet/ X-Ray and water Proof
  • 10 years Samsung warranty

Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 memory card Design:

Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 memory card is designed in such a way that it is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 interface both. This memory card is designed with optical password setting.Samsung Evo 16GB has capacity of 16GB capable of accommodating 32270 photos and 1110 minutes HD videos. HD videos works just super fine with Samsung Evo 16GB class 10 memory card. You can buy from here at Vplak without any hassle of product quality. Samsung offers 10 years warranty for this product. SO product is really durable and works best with your android powered devices. Samsung specially designed the model MicroSDHC EVO to offer high speed data transfer experience to users. This MicroSDHC Card is designed such that it is completely heat proof, magnet proof and water proof. These features enhances durability of MicroSDHC memory card. Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 card is tested at every step of manufacturing at Samsung. So this 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Card manufactured in a way so that it can capture all precious moment of your life securely with high performance Samsung is really concerned with security of MicroSDHC EVO users. Samsung specially taken care of security of the product. Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 protects your important data from damage caused by airport x- ray machine, it means it is totally x- ray proof which makes you free from concern of data loss or corruption. If you need a better solution to keep your files safe and secure then Samsung Evo 16GB class 10 memory card is best choice available for you.

Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 memory card Performance:

Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 micro sd card has high reading speed of upto 48MB/S and writing speed upto 10MB/sec. Samsung Evo Class 10 has transfer speed is upto 450MB/sec. This ultra high speed memory card is UHS-1 enabled that means it capture photos and videos two times faster than the other micro SD cards. The 16GB Evo sd card also allows you to set password to access.Samsung offers you the EVO Class 10 sd Card which can work under water also as it is waterproof. 16GB MicroSDHC memory card can endure temperatures from -25 to 85 Celsius. This MicroSDHC EVO class 10 SD card works perfectly with most of smartphones,tablets and cameras. 16GB Memory capacity allows you to record HD videos and photos very easily. With class 10 and speed and UHS-1 technology.Samsung 16GB MicroSDHC EVO Class 10 Memory card is compatible with all devices that support MicroSDHC cards. Best choice for your Android powered smartphones, HD cameras, Tablets etc. Samsung Evo 16GB class 10 memory card performance best matches to your needs in your smartphone,tablet or DSLR cameras to efficiently store data.

Sales Package 1 Samsung Memory card
Brand Samsung
Model MB-MP16D/IN
Product Type MicroSDHC
Class 10
Storage Capacity 16 GB
Card Grade 1
Read Speed 48 MB/s
Writing Speed Up to 10 MB/s
Heat proof Yes
X-Rays proof Yes
Temperature proof Yes
Water proof Yes
Transfer Speed 480 MB/s
Product Dimensions 1.5×1.1×0.1cm
Item weight 9 Gram
Warranty Period 10 Years
Warranty Type Manufacturer Only


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