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magnavox mtft750rd red 7 inch portable dvd player with remote control, and car adapter, tft screen, cd player


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At home, the 7 inch portable DVD player is perfect for a bedroom nightstand or end table, and the headphone jack means your viewing won’t disturb others. The DVD player features a red outer casing with a silver handle and a black inner shell. You can watch for up to 2.5 hours with a fully charged battery with 3.5 mm headphone jack, or plug in the AC for endless viewing. This portable DVD player is ideal for travel, helping long trips fly by. Built-in player controls, accessories and a remote (2- AAA batteries included) make this player as easy to operate as it is portable. The DVD/CD player is also compatible with CD-R, CD-RW, and JPEG discs, so you can watch movies or play albums, anywhere, anytime. Magnavox celebrating 100 years of sound and visual Quality The Magnavox brand originates back to 1917 when the World’s first moving coil speaker was invented in a lab in Napa, California. Due to this invention for the first time in human history the world witnessed a human voice that could be heard by an entire town. The product was named: Magnavox ~ Latin for ‘Great Voice’. It became a prime piece of US history and the foundation of a trusted brand for almost a century linked to dozens of notable achievements such as the first game console (Magnavox Odyssey) as well as World’s first plasma computer panels. Throughout the years Magnavox’s visual appearance took several forms relevant to its time. Ranging from multiple revisions of its initial appearance (the historic great voice featuring a lion’s head), a shield covering the history of the brand and its influence on entertainment, into a contemporary wordmark in 1982 and the word mark it is today. The popularity of the Magnavox brand is as strong as ever before and its remarkable history attracts many fans and non-profit organizations. See our other equipment and products and use your gift card on
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