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    Envirolife – Gadget Disinfectant Alcohol Based Sanitizer Spray – Value Pack of 3 (Desk Pack)


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    • Envirolife Gadget Disinfectant Spray protects you and your loved ones by providing an effective germ-kill
    • Kills 99.99% germs including antibiotic-resistant germs ; Kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds on gadgets.
    • Disinfect hard and soft surfaces of a variety of gadgets with one easy spray.
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    A variety of gadgets that we use multiple times in our day to day life is a reservoir of an array of germs and bacteria that cause serious health issues. Environics, an internationally recognized brand for its state of the art radiation protection technology now presents you Envirolife, a certified gadget disinfectant spray to keep your immunity in check. Envirolife Gadget Disinfectant will keep you and your loved ones safe by killing a wide range of germs like bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, etc. Envirolife’s unique portable sanitizer available as desk pack and pocket pack kills 99.99% germs and bacteria on various hard & soft surfaces of all types of gadgets that are often touched by a number of people. The active ingredients used in Envirolife Gadget Disinfectant also kills antibiotic-resistant germs. To use the disinfectant spray, hold the bottle upright and spray 10-15 cm away from the gadget, and then wipe the surface gently with the cloth provided in the box.

      Product Dimensons


    EAN                                                                            8908013907700


    HSN Code                                                                     3808


    GrossWT                                                                        gm


    NetWt                                                                             56


    WeightUnit                                                                      366


    SKU Length                                                                     45 dia


    SKU Width                                                                       45 dia


    SKU Height                                                                      15


    Unit Dimension                                                                 CM


    BrandName                                                                     Envirochip


    ModelNumber                                                                  133ELGDC


    Serial Number/ SKU                                                       133ELGDC


    Countryof Origin                                                                India


    Vendor Name                                                                   Syenergy Environics Limited


                                    Package (Box) Dimensions


    Packg Length (MM)                                                       21.5                                               


    Packg Width(MM)                                                          13.5


    Packg Height(MM)                                                          5.5


    Dimensions                                                                     CM                                   


    Colour                                                                               White


    Warranty (in months)                                                        12 Months


    Warranty Details                                                                1 Year Manufacturer Warranty                      


    In Box Items                                                                      1 Envirochip for Mobile


    Product Title                                                                       Envirochip – Clinically Tested Radiation   

                                                                                               Protection Chip for Mobile (Red)                   


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