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    Acer X1226AH XGA 4000 Lumens 1024 X 768 Projector


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    • SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY: 4000 ANSI Lumens XGA DLP high brightness and 20000:1 contrast deliver stunning display presentations
    • Connectivity Options Includes HDMI, VGA and Composite Video with Stereo Jack Port
    • X1226AH is equipped with Bluelight Shield that allows users to lower levels of blue light to lessen the negative effects of blue light exposure.
    • Come with LumiSense which analyzes projected content frame by frame and dynamically adjusts image visibility to optimum levels.
    • Acer projectors present nature’s true colors with Acer ColorBoost3D technology for both 2D and 3D content
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    Acer X1226AH brings presentations to life and keeps your meetings focused with clarity and precision. The X1 series features 4,000 lumens. Its high brightness and LumiSense feature enable presenting data with a clearer and sharper edge. It is also equipped with Bluelight Shield that mitigates the negative effects of blue light exposure. Digital Zoom & Image Shift help enhance great installation flexibility. 4,000 lumens high brightness provides the ability to project crystal clear, vibrant images from a long distance on a large screen even in daytime indoors. The contrast ratio is up to a whopping 20,000:1. DynamicBlack improves image contrast by analyzing onscreen content frame-by-frame and then dynamically adjusting lamp power to optimize black levels. Acer present to you the projector equipped with blue light filter on X1 series. Acer Bluelight shield allows users to lower levels of blue light to lessen the negative effects of blue light exposure. There are three levels of filter in projector suitable for different scenario. Each level also contains dynamic mechanism that will optimize the blue light level based on content. Bluelight shield can reduces up to 30% blue light and protect your eyes. ColorSafe II technology combines the dynamic RGB control techniques, and high-grade/quality projector lamps to extend Acer projectors? lifespan. The technology prevents yellow hues, the sign of color decay, so even after thousands of hours of usage, Acer projectors continue to deliver consistent, natural colors.

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