• Zebronics ZEB-FPO500 Pulse Oximeter (Blue, White)

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    Color: Blue-White

    About the Product ZEBRONICS ZEB FPO500: This is one of the best FINGERTIP PULSE OXIMETER from your trusted Indian player ZEBRONICS. Features include HEART RATE MEASUREMENT, SPO2 SENSOR OR BLOOD OXYGEN MEASUREMENT, Auto Shutdown, 4 color OLED Display, Low Battery Indication. The oxygen meter comes with a high accuracy of 99% (error +- 1%). This is ideal for medical professionals, students, or home owners who are seeking a high quality and efficient fingertip pulse oximeter. It can be used by both adults, and babies without any worries. With an OXYGEN SATURATION RANGE OF 0 – 99% AND PULSE RATE RANGE OF 25-250 BPM, it’s very versatile and is an ideal companion for these testing pandemic times. The SpO2 level can be used as a proxy by people to check. It’s an easy to use and compact fingertip pulse oximeter that can easily fit into your pocket.

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